Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Personal update

This is not about GPCA, but about me and how I don't always control the tasks that occupy my day. Take yesterday, for instance. It was sunny, temperatures in the mid-70's and a bit windy. My wife, Rumiko, and I had planned to go to the library and then stop for a little shopping. (Multiple tasks on one trip is very "green".)

I opened the door and was greeted with this. I gave you the view from the other side. No real damage to the house. The branches on the roof are very small. But it did take a while to turn those small branches into mulch (another "green" thing to do), clean up the damage to the nandina and rose underneath that olive branch. Could it be a sign that peace is at hand?

The trip to the library had been anticipated for a long time. Lorna Salzman had recommended reading Susan Jacobs's The Age of American Unreason. I put it on hold and was number 74 on the waiting list. Finally, I had a chance to check it out and then the above event. Oh, well.

The uncovered brick pillar in the lower right is another task delayed by my little emergency. Top had been painted, but not re-installed.

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