Monday, May 05, 2008

Why the Delta

Back in September, the aquamaven at wrote a piece called Why the Delta Matters to Every Californian. For those who wonder why I keep returning to that subject, you need to read his summary.

Since then, little has changed. The politicians are still dancing their dance and we have had yet another winter with below normal rainfall. In fact, March and April were the driest on record.

Today, the Stockton Record has an editorial entitled Every Precious Drop. The conclude...
The fact is, conservation, recycling and quite possibly rationing are the only real tools we have, certainly the only tools we have today. We must treat water like the incredibly valuable life substance it is. That is especially true in California, with its huge population, huge farming industry and utter dependence on erratic weather cycles.
I could say That's All Folks except for one thing. Climate change is going to make this year seem like the rainy season. That means the balance between Agriculture and Urban Development is going to have to change. The products we raise will have to adjust to new climate realities. The longer we delay getting our minds around those facts and starting to work on solutions, the more expensive those solutions will be.

I would like to figure out if the GPCA is going to join the dance, start advocating for solutions or just let it happen to us.

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