Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No one deserved this.

When the good citizens of CA-37 had a chance to elect a sincere and dedicated Daniel Brezenoff last year, many of them fell back on the old ways of identity politics. Daniel did not have a chance, not because he was a member of the Green Party. It was more like that fact that identity politics determined who it was politically correct to vote for.

So, they chose Laura Richardson, knowing little about her. Now, we know more. Consider the following that appeared in the Sacramento Bee today. Headline: Watchdog group labels California congresswoman a deadbeat
A congressional watchdog group blasted Rep. Laura Richardson on Tuesday as a "deadbeat congresswoman" following recent news reports on the Long Beach Democrat's failure to pay creditors.

The charge by Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, followed reports that Richardson failed to pay auto repair loans and defaulted on mortgages, including one for a Sacramento home she owned while briefly serving in the state Legislature.

"Not only has Rep. Richardson defaulted on home loans eight times since 2004, she failed to pay a mechanic, a print shop and an auto body shop," Sloan said. "And those are just the debts we've read about."
Reporter David Whitney of the Bee does not like scum in politics. I guess that guarantees him a lifetime of agina and a string of stories. I followed his stories on the soon to retire John Doolittle (R. CA04). This is more of the same with the difference that Richardson's failings are so petty. It is more like she just does not give a damn.

In cases like this, I am tempted to say that the voters got what they deserved. However, no one deserves this... but they are stuck with her for another 2 years as she won the Democratic primary and NO OTHER PARTY is challenging here in the General Election.

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