Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When big government refuses to act.

There are several things going on regarding energy and climate change. One real question is that of what to do when big government fails to act. Architecture 2030 has the answer: local building codes.

If we have to do it ourselves, there are a number of guidelines that will get us part way there and hope to minimize the pain. However, the idea that there has to be any pain is a fabrication of those who have a vested interest in stopping change. A local architect in my home town, one who has won awards for their conversion of an old granary into a new office / commercial complex and meeting LEEDS certification in the process, told me that California Title 24 is the toughest requirement to meet. However, Architecture 2030 holds that Title 24 is still 10% below what we need to achieve for commercial buildings and 15-20% below what we need for residential.

Dr. Jim Hansen (NASA) tells us all that we don't have much time to act, 20 years after his first warning to Congress.

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