Saturday, September 27, 2008

Greening my home town

Finally, I am beginning to see some things turn for the better, and it is beginning locally, in my home town, Morgan Hill, California. And it is happening with little help from the government.

For the past six months, I have been using my column in the Morgan Hill Times to pound on the idea that global warming is our number one problem; that it is directly connected to our energy policies and that neither Obama or McCain is telling us the truth.

I don't know how much real effect this has had, but the Morgan Hill Times seems to believe that it is important local news. In the Friday, Sept. 26 issue, you had articles on the following:

- On a Carbon Dioxide Diet - About a club whose members help each other diet - reduce C02.

- Going Solar - About the growing use of solar power in Morgan Hill and Mountain View, CA based SolFocus as a provider.

And from previous issues this month...

Local High Schools are installing solar panels in parking lot. The project is being done with support from Bank of America and Chevron... hard to believe that but true.

A new plant will be opening in Morgan Hill for the production of solar panel parts, but unfortunately not be an American company but rather Singapore based Flextronics. However, it is expected to provide 400 jobs for the local economy.

I am beginning to believe that Dylan was right... the times real are a changin'


Anonymous said...

Well, remember, we are the government if we choose to participate. And local is where you start!

Wes said...

Local is the only place where anything will get done.

Philip H. said...

Will you be sharing with us what your hometown is doing? This was such a tease post - flirt!

Wes said...

Over time, some of it is already on the blog, but not under a home town label. For example:

- There is now Environmental working group that is made up with members from the City of Morgan Hill, the Chamber of Commerce and a representative from our Congressman, Jerry McNerney.

- The Chamber of Commerce gives a Sustainable Quality Award every year. Here is a link to the latest release on this year's winners. My major disappointment is the fact that one of the awards went to a Japanese company with a facility in town. In more and more cases, American companies are not trying hard enough. Even the newest facility to open in this town for the production of solar panel components is owned by a Singapore company, not an American one. Where is the vaunted American Enterprise?