Friday, September 19, 2008

You don't have to be old to understand

Reliance on foreign nations for food stocks would be parallel to the current dependence on the Middle East for fuel supplies: strainted relations or questionable production methods could create a massive increase in the prices and pu the entire economy and population at risk. - Victoria Kennedy, Modesto HS.

That quote was from the most recent newsletter of the Farmland Working Group, Turlock, CA. The article was the essay submitted by Farmland Working Group 2008 High School Scholarship Winner, Vitoria Kennedy.

What I observe is an increase in sprawl, a continued conversion of farm land to housing and no mitigation at all. So, if you like the high cost of oil and gas, just consider the effect that importing all of our fruit from Chile has on petroleum use.

There was a time when the Green Party would push for smart growth. The entire Stanislaus County Green Party effort was organized around there ideas. Now, it is hardly discussed and the Stanislaus County local no longer exists.

It may be the time now to get back to basics in the issues we pick and in the way we carry that message to the people. I don't want to concede that the Green Party is an urban organization, one that views the environment as a place you visit or is satisfied with sourcing their food from Safeway.

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