Monday, March 23, 2009

Water Wars have begun

We all knew that California was due to have another round of water wars. They appear every time there is a drought and disappear when we get a good rain. Nothing is resolved, only postponed. Now, as our climate changes to a warmer reality where we can no longer store so much water in the Sierra snowpack all of the water users will demand their fair share and everyone will suffer because of it.

Restore the Delta has fired a salvo across the bow of the water power structure of California with an ad-buy in the San Francisco Chronicle and Sacrament Bee that asks us all to "Stop the Delta Water Grab." I am sure that this will garner fairly strong reactions, especially as people begin to understand the implications of RTD's call for a system based on (bio)regional water self-sufficiency.

You can learn the story behind the ads from RTD's web site here.

Over the next two weeks, I will publish a series of posts that discusses the Delta based on a set of 12 interconnected recommendations published by the Delta Vision Foundation. They were commissioned by Governor Schwarzenegger to analyze California's water problems and propose a solution. The recommendations that they published were designed to be a complete package; all of the pieces need to be in place for it to be effective.

Needless to say, politicians and lobbyist are picking and choosing which ones they want and using these reports as their justification. This is typical Sacramento politics where people are only voting statistics.

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