Friday, February 16, 2007

Going to Sonoma...

There are a number of us who will not be in Sonoma next weekend. Many of us would like to feel that we have some input into the process that will take place there. Whether we do or not will be a test of how much the GPCA believes in Grassroots Democracy. So far, I have seen grassroots reaching down as far as a County Council, but that is still the leadership. Some County Councils are very much in touch with their members. Others may not be.

One SoCal Green who, like me, will not be there, has offered his input. Not to steal Roger's words, since his are better than mine would have been, I can say that I agree with his three major points.
  1. Speak to America in plan American-speak -- not political-cant nor activist rant.
  2. Politely educate on the 10KV
  3. Go Local
Orval Osborne had previously posted here about "Why the Green Party and our Priorities." I would consider that this too, should be an input to the Sonoma session.

I have posted previously about the difference between trying to be the political embodiment of the progressive movement and being Green. As Roger pointed out, they are not the same.

To all of this I would only add that, if we want people to vote Green, then we must live Green.

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