Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What the Democrats mean about Reform

I have a couple of things to comment on tonight. Not the least of which is that I found a good description of what the Democrats mean by reform at Daily Kos. There are a number of us who understand that to mention you are a Green at and you will bring down the wrath of the horde. However, there are more than a few who tell the story straight there also. I always included dengre in that list.

I might now have to include the Devilstower. This is a better example of real journalism than most of the stuff there.

After the Democrats pushed the corruption issue, taking special glee in the downfall of Tom DeLay, they have to now take a look at themselves. According to Devilstower...
It was former Majority Leader Tom Delay's golf trip to Scotland — courtesy of disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff — that inspired many recent reforms.

Still, that hasn't stopped Congressman Hoyer from planning his own lobbyist-financed, springtime getaway. He's headed to the Rio Mar Beach Golf Resort and Spa in Puerto Rico.

Hoyer would be quick to tell you that, unlike Delay's outing to Scotland, this golfing trip is strictly legal. And he's right. Because it's not really Hoyer that's doing this retreat. It's Hoyer's PAC.

Pete McCloskey was fond of saying that politicians were like diapers... they need to be changed regularly, and for the same reasons.

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dengre said...

The Leadership PACS are a big problem.

Think of them as a series of interlocking washing machines for moving cash and legislation.

For years the GOP dominated this tactic. DeLay was the master. Abramoff was a key bagman.

Democrats have been playing catch-up to the GOP on this super highway to corruption.

I wish it would end. Any meaningful finance reform would target Leadership PACS.

Just a few cents for the hopper

cheers and take care