Thursday, February 15, 2007

Greens 4 Democracy

I tried to visit the GDI web site this week and found that it requires a password to look at it. That makes me wonder about the status of this group. At one time, Greens for Democracy and Independence made a lot of noise about the future of the Green Party. Now, it seems to be silent, either no longer having a web site to maintain or having gone underground.

My curiosity was aroused because one of the features of the Strategic Retreat being held in Sonoma Feb. 24-25 is a speech by Cynthia McKinney. This would once have set off a firestorm of protest about "fusion" efforts in the GPCA.

What is going on with GDI as an organization? The originally stated goals were attractive but now I wonder if anyone cares. I wonder to what extent the members of the "Million Votes of Peace" slate will participate in the retreat and, if they do, whether it will be constructive or confrontational.

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