Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Where will new leaders come from?

As those in this party age, like myself, we have to ask where the new leadership will come from. I see two things happening that are positive. One is the practice advocated by Pasadena Green, Roger Gray.

Roger is developing his own political resume by serving on the various boards and commissions that help run the Pasadena City Government. He seems to have served on everything except the Rose Bowl. At the same time, as Roger moves from one commission to another (currently on the Environmental Advisory Commission), he has worked to ensure that there is another Green in position to take his place.

Another approach is to utilize interns in a meaningful manner. I don't see this happening very much at all. We are pretty good at taking volunteers and working them as hard as they are willing to work, but having some sort of official internships may be a way to continue attracting young people to the party and keeping them involved.

Democracy Unlimited Humboldt County
, headed by Green David Cobb, has advertised for interns to work with them in the summer and fall of 2007 and to develop new skills in community organizing.

It would seem to me that there are other areas where we could do something similar. For example, one might be to establish an internship to work with the Media Commitee. Our Press Secretary, Cres Vellucci, is very experienced as an editor and PR creator. So is Media Commitee member, Larry Cafiero.

Something to think about.

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