Saturday, February 10, 2007

Green Party Rising?

There are several recent developments that indicate the Green Party is getting the increased stature that we all would like to see.

The Federal Elections Commission has recognized that Green Senate Campaign Committee. Comments by commoner1.

Chlorophyll discussion of the 2008 Presidential Race.

The Huffington Post political blog site has a Green Party section on it.

I note that Cynthia McKinney has been announced as a speaker for the Green Party California Strategic Retreat, February 23-25. I know that she has been approached before, but has consistently ended up by staying in the Democratic Party. I would think that she would have to be totally convinced that she has no future as a Democrat before she would make this jump. Still this meeting is being sponsored by the GPCA Campaign and Candidates Working Group, so that might mean something. California has the largest Green Party registration and has a large influence on the ultimate choice.

There is also the perennial discussion as to whether or not Nader will run yet again. Nothing said or not but a Nader 2008 tee shirts and coffee mugs are all over the internet.

The Green Party of the United State will hold it's national meeting in Reading, PA this coming July. The big question will be the one of what to do about a Presidential Campaign in 2008.

With Pete Camejo undergoing treatment for cancer and David Cobb having said that he is not running again this time the field is wide open for someone if the Party chooses to have a candidate. I might support a Cynthia McKinney or a Dennis Kucinich, but only if they were to renounce the Democratic Party and register as a Green in their home state.

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