Friday, September 28, 2007

Action Alert on Cal Water Issues.

I received the following Action Alert from Restore the Delta when I opened my mail just now. I had made some suggestions earlier as to what should be done. If you have any time on October 4, please join this alert. If you have any time this weekend, make sure that you write to your Assembly Member and State Senator. Time is running out.

If You Can Only Take Off A Few Hours From Your Life One Day This Year to Advocate For The Delta,

October 4th Is The Day To Take Public Action!

Please join Restore the Delta Staff in attending:

The Second Extraordinary Session, Natural Resources & Water Committee Hearing

Subject: The Proposed Water Supply Reliability Bonds and The Proposed Expenditures of Previously Authorized Water Bond Funds

This will not be a formal bill hearing where committee members will vote on the bills. However, committee members will have a thorough hearing of the contents of the four water bills. Restore the Delta staff will be preparing extensive remarks and would like for these committee members to see and hear from as many people from the Delta as possible. Now is the time for them to learn why we are so strongly opposed to the peripheral canal!

The hearing will be held in the Senate side of the Capitol. It should start in the morning after 9 a.m. roughly. On October 3rd, Restore the Delta will send out a room location.

Please RSVP to Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla as soon as possible to confirm your attendance and/or to arrange for carpooling.

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