Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hack Du Jour - San Francisco's Ed Jew

The California Democratic Party hack du jour is San Francisco Supervisor Ed Jew.

From the Los Angeles Times

San Francisco Supervisor Suspended Amid Misconduct Accusations

by John M. Glionna
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

September 26, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO -- Signaling that it was time to end an embarrassing public distraction, Mayor Gavin Newsom suspended Supervisor Ed Jew on Tuesday for alleged misconduct that included soliciting bribes and lying about his place of residence.

The first-year supervisor, who has been under state and federal investigation, maintains his innocence and has refused to step down. Newsom's action forces a city Ethics Commission hearing, which could set the stage for the Board of Supervisors to vote to remove Jew from office.

Jew, 47, was served at his Chinatown flower shop with a seven-page outline of the alleged ethics violations, which include filing falsified documents claiming he lived in the Sunset District, which he represents, a requirement for holding office. Jew faces state felony perjury and fraud charges for allegedly lying to city officials about his home address.

Newsom's outline of Jew's alleged violations also mentions a federal investigation into whether Jew sought payment of as much as $80,000 in cash in exchange for helping to secure business permits for a group of immigrant-owned tapioca drink shops in his district. Last week, federal prosecutors charged him with one count of fraud.

Jew's attorney, Steven Gruel, did not return calls Tuesday.
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Does anybody remember the 2003 election for Mayor if San Francisco?

It was cliff-hanger between Democrat Gavin Newsom and Green Party candidate Matt Gonzales. The Democratic Party and all the MSM 2-Party System toadies screamed and cried that electing a "greenie-weenie" to high office was just "crazy."

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Wes said...

Yeah. I yesterday's news conference, Newsom described Jew's continued presence on the Board as a "distraction". As if his own affairs and substance abuse were not "distractions". It all depends on what the meaning of distraction is.