Thursday, September 20, 2007

State Study of Delta may be useless

I need to call your attention to two things. I will deal with the short one first. I added a new link to the Right side menu. It is to a So Cal Water Blog called Aquafornia. The water maven there has accumulated a lot of good information and keeps the story straight.

The second is the fact that I want you all to read an article by Mike Taugher in today's Contra Costa Times. Taugher is one of the better environmental reporters in Northern California. If you are not already convinced (by me, by the LA Times editorial, etc.) that we have a real problem, then the heading to this article should catch your attention.
Scathing scientific review of Delta analysis
Report riddled with problems, essentially useless, panel says
Talk about bureaucratic bs. The report continues....
A key assessment of Delta levees that could lend support for a controversial canal around the region is so flawed that its conclusions are essentially useless, according to a panel of scientists.

In surprisingly harsh language, the review found that the long-awaited report from the state Department of Water Resources must be overhauled before it can be used. It also noted that the report's authors dismissed valid concerns about their work in the past.

The panel "believes strongly that the inadequacies in some of the analyses may lead policymakers and others to erroneous conclusions and inappropriate decisions," according to the Aug. 23 report, obtained this week by the Times.
The Dept of Water Resources (DWR) has a long history of using fake studies to cover their real plans... or their incompetence. Almost every attempt to heal this, especially Sen. Feinstein's grand compromise called CalFed, has been a failure. CalFed failed even before it was implemented.

I encourage all of you to follow the link above and read the whole thing. Then, understand that you need to doubt, to question everything that the State says about their plans for water.

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