Monday, September 24, 2007

Rush Put on Water Debate

I need to interrupt my sequence on the water issues to call your attention to a fine article by Hank Shaw in today's Stockton Record. Shaw is the Record's Capitol Bureau Chief, and as such offers some of the best commentary on the politics of water.
Schwarzenegger has called the Legislature into special session to deal with water supply issues in the hopes of crafting a compromise proposal that could appear on the February presidential primary ballot.

But that prospect appears to be dimming.

The deadline for any deal technically falls on Thursday, but even with the wiggle room lawmakers can afford themselves, a hard deadline appears to be mid-October. Dozens of lawmakers are overseas right now, visiting locales as far-flung as Azerbaijan, China, Argentina and Germany. A group of state senators will not return to the Capitol until Oct. 9.

I guess they legislature does not see this as being as urgent as the newspaper editorials (except the OC Register) indicated. Does water really matter for voters? Tell me what you think.

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