Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Work to do.

Ok, I have some work to do today and so this won't take long. I was watching the 11:00 News on KGO (ABC in SF) last night when I noted a very clear advertisement from the Association of California Water Agencies. The message was clear. We are on the cusp of a series of water crises and the time to act is running out.

I note in passing that the ad did not send you to the Association site, but rather to a special site that they have set up just to carry their message to the public. That is called CalWaterCrisis. You can watch the same ad that I saw at this link. (Windows Media format).

The basis of the CalWaterCrisis site is public education, and we need a lot of that. Fortunately, the funding for this does not allow CalWaterCrisis to be used for legislative advocacy. However, the way that the story is being told makes it clear that the objectives of ACWA are for engineering some sort of mega-project solution and it does not include conservation.

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