Friday, October 26, 2007

How Green is Arnold?

The media likes to refer to Governor Schwarzenegger as being a "green governor" and he loves to go around talking about what California is doing to lower vehicle emissions. This is a very difficult task. There are a lot of resource robber barons who will manipulate the news. So I am glad that someone is doing something. However, I just want to give you some perspective on what it all means.

According to Architecture 2030:

There are 151 new conventional coal-fired power plants in various stages of development in the US today.

California passed legislation to cut CO2 emissions in new cars by 25% and in SUVs by 18%, starting in 2009.

If every car and SUV sold in California in 2009 met this standard...
The CO2 emissions from only one medium-sized coal-fired power plant, in just eight months of operation each year, would negate this entire effort.

So, just how Green is Arnold and how far is he really willing to go to fix this problem? Or is it too little and too late.

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Alex Walker said...

I just saw the Associated Press article posted on America Online this morning. I used to live in upstate New York and, believe me, if those reservoirs are low then that's serious stuff because New York City may be an bigger water "hog" than Los Angeles. More than 100 years ago, NYC basically seized control of the best water in the region. Whereas almost everybody in California filters tap water or drinks bottled water, New Yorkers are accustomed to getting some of the best tap water in the country piped into walk-up apartments.

This is, sure enough, a really gid deal. I can just see all the know-it-all pundits wringing their hands ten years from now saying "How did this happen? Where were the Democrats? Where were the Republicans?