Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Update on the water issues

When I want to know the latest with a political spin, I always check with Hank Shaw, Capital Bureau Chief for the Stockton Record. According to Hank's Blog tonight...
The Water Bond is Dead! Long Live the Water Bond! Well, maybe not, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he's still trying to avoid "dueling initiatives" in the November 2008 ballot. February looks unlikely at this point, because the two sides would have to come to a deal in a few weeks (they're not even talking now) and then put that deal on a supplemental ballot.
That is good news and bad new. The bad news is that politics (as usual) in Sacramento has gotten in the way of taking actions to begin fixing our water problems. The good news is that we have a little more time to do it right...but I have little faith that they will.

Dan Bacher is the editor of the Fish Sniffer. He is also an adviser to Restore the Delta. Bacher forward the latest Delta Flows Newsletter from Restore the Delta with the following as part of his "introduction".
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the "Fish Terminator," is pushing amendments to Senator Don Perata's water bond proposal that would authorize the construction of a peripheral canal to divert fresh water from the California Delta to water developers and agribusiness. Schwarzenegger's proposal would also strip the Delta of "Area of Origin" water user rights, opening Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta water to increasing exports.
It this is going to happen, then we may be in for the most vicious water fight in our history since the historic 1888 agreement between Henry Miller and James Haggin. That led to some of the worst political corruption in our state's history and this time it could be just the same.

Meanwhile, Dorothy Green from the California Water Impact Network and founder of Heal the Bay is speaking tonight at a Los Angeles Green Party local meeting. I hope to get a report on that for tomorrow.

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