Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Racism and Sexism in Los Angeles Fire Department

Sexism and Racism at Los Angeles Fire Department

Clarence Thomas' old agency, the Federal Equal Opportunity Commission, watered-down, defunded, and packed with "moderates," accuses the Los Angeles Fire Department of subjecting African-American and female firefighters to a "pattern and practice" of discrimination, harassment and retaliation( "Federal officials find discrimination at L.A. Fire Department," Los Angeles Times, October 3 2007).

We know how this will "play" in the sandbox of our sacred, inviolate, divinely-inspired two-party system.

First, Republican Party conservatives will condemn "political correctness," preach a sermon about "hard work" and recommend "those people" be grateful for 3rd class citizenship of The Great Empire.

Then, Democratic Party liberals, the ones who have actually been running Los Angeles, will condemn "insensitivity," preach a little sermon about "diversity" and assure Blacks like me that having Douglas Barry as "the first Black" fire chief will fix everything (like having "the first Black" school superintendent and "the first Black" police chief).

In my neighborhood Black newspapers, like the Los Angeles Sentinel, will condemn "racism," preach a little sermon about "Nguzo Saba" -- the Seven Principles of Blackness, and warn that without "Umoja" - unity - the Republican conservative gang will take over.

Democrats will get 85% of the inner-city vote. Republicans will get 75% of the suburban vote.

Nothing will change.

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