Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well, we finally had some in Northern / Central California. However, that is not the reason I bring it up. The current water wars are keeping Sacramento all astir, if not all of the media.

Blogger Wu Ming has posted an intriguing essay on rain and water at the progressive blog Calitics.
I am not an idealist here; we cannot go back to the status quo ante, not with everything that has been built, not with all the people who now depend upon that infrastructure's maintenance. But we can at least admit that our insecurity with regard to the weather - putting aside for a moment the even greater threat of human-created climate change and its consequences for our civilization and ecosystem - is in large part a dilemma of our own making. We froze the landscape, we diverted the rivers, we remade the very lay of the land in service of the settling of California; and yet imperfectly, as the erratic swing of flood and drought reminds us, humbles us, from time to time.
Go read the whole thing, it is a short time well spent. In fact, Stockton Record Columnist Mike Fitzgerald called it "Amazing: a fresh take on the water crisis".

LA City Greens have Dorothy Green of California Water Impact Network (Cal-WIN) as the speaker at their next meeting (10/17). Even if you are not from LA, if you are in the area, go.

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