Thursday, October 18, 2007

It is not just the pumps killing fish.

The most recent newsletter from Restore the Delta (not yet online) presents an interesting picture of what is really happening in the delta. Bold emphasis by me.
With that said, our friend and supporter, Bill Maxwell, who lives on Smith Canal sent us a disturbing series of pictures last week. After the first rain each autumn, the fish in their part of the Delta die. We have no commentary to add, as these pictures speak to us directly as to what is wrong with the Delta. But, as one child of Restore the Delta staff asked, “Will there by any fish left?”

There is a lot going on here and we have to look at everything, including agricultural practices that allow toxic runoff into the rivers and canals from which we, as well as the fish, get our water. Keep track of this and read the entire report as soon as it is up.

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