Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dems fed up...

Andrea Dorey had the best response to Molly Ivin's commentary on being fed up with the "DC Dems". With her permission, I am posting it here. Andrea is currently on the Green Party Santa Clara County Council.

Dear Molly,

Gee, loved your diatribe, honey! Maybe we should run somebody who can yell the hell all the way to DC and REALLY scare the shit out of everybody ensconced there for a lifetime of freebies and perks that will continue until their death and the death of their spouses--how about that, Molly Ivins? Remember Ralph Nader? No one has come close to the upset he caused, even in 2004 with NO support from his supposed friends. Or is it too far out to avoid the usual pack of politicians--and that includes the sainted, useless Howard Dean?

How about adding to your wish list of three issues a little beginning step called CENSURE that might finally lead to impeachment of the top dogs of war? Or do we lack the spine needed to face the criticisms about that one: "We don't have to go THAT FAR!" they chide. "Too extreme!" We don't want to be extremists, do we?

I'm getting tired of the same ol', same ol'. Why are we once again (50-YEARS-AND-MORE LATER!!!) fighting the same old attacks on personal freedoms for women? civil rights for minorities? living wages for immigrants that we pay slave wages to? a secure social security for the aged and infirm? Why do we tolerate this same old bullshit over and over again?

Why do we stand by meekly while our elected representatives vote on and pass bills that they NEVER even bother to read, like the PATRIOT Act, or while they give total authority to the executive branch to wage war--a power that belongs to the legislative branch--or refuse to support the black caucus who tried to get just ONE senator to allow them to have the last election just examined, investigated, just looked at to find out why so many irregularities existed? Why?

I'm tired. I'm going to take care of myself from now on and stop wasting time fighting the same damn battles. It's time for me at 67 years of age and after 40 years of activism to leave this mess to the young (like the young professional women who didn't need women's liberation because they had it made, and like the progressives who didn't need the Nader organization because he was in danger of "becoming a Harold Stassen").

So, fine. Do it a new way. Do it your way. I'll be interested to see how far you get. And, really, good luck.


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