Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Green Alternative is here

Well, not really here, in California. But, there is now a fully functional, community owned, wind-powered, renewable hydrogen facility on the Island of Unst in Scotland. They have also a licensed, street legal, fully taxed hydrogen automobile, the first in the UK.

Known as The Pure Project, this is an interesting model for Green development. It is not one of those big SoCal Edison or PGE project. This is a community owned operation. It produces power for the island and zero emissions for the atmosphere. One of the goals is to convert the island's marine fisheries fleet to hydrogen power rather than diesel.

The developers were in Long Beach last month for the National Hydrogen Association conference and exhibition March 12 - 16.

If there were ever a project that had the 10 KV attributes of community based economics, sustainability and ecological wisdom, this is surely it. I am anxious to follow what they are doing. I know that this project is a finalist for an environmental award in the UK.

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