Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ventura Plenary

So, here is the question. Will there be a plenary, a meeting of the Green Party this month in Ventura? It looks questionable. The issues:
  • some want to stage a protest in Sacramento during the Democratic Party Conference which happens to be on the same day.
  • the host organization is not sure that they can pull if off
  • the agenda was not published in time that any decisions made at the plenary would be legal.

Since the the last plenary in S. California ended up with a long delay before anyone could agreen on a stripped down agenda and most of the first day was wasted, maybe we should repeat the event. Let's throw out the entire agenda and turn it into a Green Festival to raise everyone's spirits. Take what money there is, hire a band and have a good time.

I am only a little facetious. It might to the party more good than the alternatives.

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