Monday, December 11, 2006

Turning on the spotlight

As my previous post indicated, there are still people in GPCA who are fighing Cobb / Nader. Or maybe they are fighting Cobb / GDI. Or maybe they are just fighting David Cobb. I can think of nothing that we is more detrimental to the operation of GPCA than continuing this fight.

I keep hearing the term "future focus" in Green Party discussions, but when it comes to politics, we seem to be intent on invoking the past, even re-living it. When we should be dealing with the issues that most voters are worried about we spend too damned much energy in a circular game of Russian Roulette.

Now, the question du jour is one of which group of Regional Reps to seat for LA County. While this has been bottled up in Coordinating Committee, Bylaws Committee and other internal discussions, maybe it is time to shine a little light on it for all to see. This is rather like sending the Florida Election to the Supreme Court with the ByLaws Committee acting as the court. I am not sure that they have that power, nor am I sure that the outcome of such a decisions would be any more universally accepted by Greens than that of the Supreme Court decision of 2000.

In the mean time, this controversy is tying up the entire operations of the GPCA so that not even the next GA can be scheduled.

So, here is a suggestion to get past it. Everyone else in the State should shut up about GP in LA. All six of the regional reps should resign pending the election of a replacement. Then the LA Green Party should invite the Carter Center to supervise a new election as a guarantee of fairness. Let everyone campaign for the role.

Then, as is only fair, we should start holding all Regional Reps accountable for their performance accoring to the job description. It is clear to me that most Regional Reps fail to perform at least 50% of the tasks. I know that I could not, which is why I have not run for such an office. But I still have the right to criticize the performance of others.


Lisa said...

Any word about what happened at the retreat in Oakland this past weekend--was it a CC retreat?

I don't read the Cal Forum any more.


Wes said...

I was not there, so I can not give a first hand comment. I did hear some feedback, but it was confusing regarding the use of first names without other identification and too many unqualified uses (at leat 4) of the names Mike, Michael, etc. in the note I read.

However, I also head that some of the people who managed to get together and meet each other for the first time found that they were meeting truly likable folk.

I need to give it all some thought before I post again.. maybe even allow more information to come out from people who were actually there.

Anonymous said...

The point is pal that David Cobb is fighting us, undermining democracy in the Green Party of Humboldt County, wiping out all accountability measures including term limits on himself and his cronies and purging anyone who doesn't go along with total obedience to the word of Cobb. Either we resist this hostile takeover of our party or we leave, surrender is not an option.

Anonymous said...

Ive got a future focus suggestion: Everyone involved in the Cobb campaign in 2004 should be banned from holding any party office for at least 10 years.

Wes said...

Let me ask a question, Brett. Were you for or against Measure T?

Anonymous said...

Well there's the litmus test right there that David Cobb threw in our faces: Either back his unconstitutional ballot measure or get purged from the Greens.

Nothing about Measure T justifies Cobb's undemocratic behavior within the Greens, although it sure does make him look like a hypocrite to preach "local control" and "democracy" while undermining the same.