Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CA Dept. of Dept. of Natural Resoures Fails Again

Alex's post earlier today makes the distinction between Greens and the other parties quite clear. If you need more evidence of just how much our Government in Sacramento publishes propaganda, you need only read the latest blast from Kari Hamerschlag (Sr. Analyst with the Environmental Working Group). Kari refers to the 2009 California Climate Adaptation Strategy document, a draft now in circulation.
Unfortunately, the action plan for agriculture leaves out one critical proven strategy for coping with extreme weather events: the promotion of organic agricultural practices that will make soils healthier and more productive, while also conserving water and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The draft adaptation strategy points out what most critics of federal and state climate change legislation constantly fail to acknowledge: That taking no action to address climate change now could cost key sectors in the state “tens of billions of dollars per year in direct costs.”
It is good that someone is thinking about the effects of climate change, since we are not doing much about avoiding it. Still, it sounds like the ag plan is in need of some good old manure. It is like almost everything else out of Sacramento. The words sound good, the thoughts are lofty, but the green is just astroturf.

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