Sunday, August 30, 2009

Climate Change and California Parks

I know that there are many who love going to California's many parks. There is one Green who travels out from LA to Joshua Tree National Park. I am sure that the following climate change prognostication will sadden him.
The emblematic tree of the Mojave Desert is in big trouble. At a February 2009 climate-change symposium in Joshua Tree sponsored by the National Parks Conservation Association, scientists spoke with gallows humor about the eventual need for Joshua Tree National Park to change its name. The way things are going, it looks as if there will be no Joshua trees left in the park before too many more decades go by. Victorville Daily Press.
You many think that Climate Change is something that we can avoid by buying better cars, or CFL's, or turning off the radio when leaving the room. The truth is that it can not be avoided and the effects are already being felt. Tell that to Sen. Boxer.

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