Friday, March 31, 2006

Foreign oil and diesel fuel(s) of all kinds.

Lisa has provided me with some good information about bio-diesel. The interesting thing is that she included some good links with it.

Los Angeles area’s first biodiesel fuel station (many la resources are at the end of this article)

Love Craft Biodiesel Silverlake Station

Run your car on french fries:

The timing was good. I also today received this notice today from the Apollo Alliance about S.B. 1675, new legislation concerning a Renewable Diesel Standard for California. The timing to do something on this is now.

On Tuesday April 4th, the California Senate Transportation and Housing Committee will vote on California’s Renewable Diesel Standard, SB 1675. The Apollo Alliance supports SB 1675 because it will provide significant benefits to the state’s energy security, economy, public health, and environment.

Please take a moment to contact the State Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing by Monday, April 3rd and urge their support for the California Renewable Diesel Standard, SB 1675.

This forward thinking bill is championed by Senator Christine Kehoe and is supported by a diverse group including alternative fuel advocates, conservation groups, and the U.S. Department of the Navy. A Renewable Diesel Standard fits right within California Apollo’s efforts to promote a diversified and clean fuel portfolio for the state.

Time is short. On Tuesday, April 4th, the Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing will vote on SB 1675. Please contact members of the Committee by Monday, April 3rd and urge them to support California’s Renewable Diesel Standard, SB 1675.

Thank you very much for your help.

Carla Din
Western States Director, Apollo Alliance

Besides adding to the pressure on the State Senate, maybe it is time to activate a Green Interest Group regarding BioFuels. Lisa copied several interested biodiesel drivers on her email. I know also the Chris Kovach in Stockton drive a mix of fuels, regular diesel to start and the switching to biodiesel. Post a comment here to see if there is enough interest and we will try to organize something.

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