Wednesday, March 29, 2006


GPCA put out a press release on the immigration law debate this week. It is important for Greens to be actively involved in this issue. It comes at a time when some Latinos are becomming disaffected with the Democratic Party and they certainly are not going to become Republicans given the current stance of most of the leadership of that party.

While the Green Party has an ongoing relationship with the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) it should be clear that we all need to be working more strongly with all Hispanic or Latino organizaitons. Change is happening and I generally fear that Greens are going to be left behind. Just see how much we have done to attract Latinos into the party. Check how many Hispanic surnames are in any list of party officials. After Camejo_______?

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Wes said...

I guess that I have to update this. I have just found out that Nativo Lopez, President of the Mexican American Political Association is running unopposed for a seat on the Los Angeles County Council, 28th District. This just may be a signal of the tipping point. On another blog that I maintain, PomboWatch, I just posted a picture of the wife of a Republican Candidate standing beside SEIU workers in Stockton registering Latinas.