Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Senate Candidates

There are three candidates for the Green Party nomination for the Senate. I have heard some condescending remarks on a Green Forum about Tian Harter. Well, I am not sure what it means, maybe Tian got all of his relatives to sign his petition, but he turned in a petition with more signatures that the other two candidates. So, someone must think he can do the job.

As for Todd, I have to admit that I was wrong about his being a one issue candidate. I had never seen or heard anything from Todd since the beginning of the race other than a "Million Vote for Peace." Today he sent out a press release taking on Feinstein on the Immigration issue, as well all three of the candidate should. The problem is that Feinstein is a great comromiser and here she just may be in a position on the Senate Judiciary Committee to compromise away some basic rights just as she compromised away the last of the Old Growth Redwoods that Charles Hurwitz is cutting.

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