Saturday, March 25, 2006

Media matters

I had started to pulish the press releases from the GPCA on this blog, because they were not getting published in a timely fashion on the GPCA web site. That problem has been fixed and I want to return to a more normal practice of just publishing my own comments and those of others who request it If any of you want me to continue posting press releases, leave a comment to tell me so.

I read a very pointed rejoinder to the Molly Ivins comments on H. Clinton and the Democratic party (Enough of the DC Dems). I have asked the author for permission to publish here.

I have also added a new link to the right side list of links. This is High Country News. When you go to the site, most of the content is limited to subscribers only. However, this is essential reading for all who are concerned about the questions of growth, land use, water, agriculture and the environment of our great western states. I tried a trial subscription just to have access to one article that I needed, and then purchased a subscription. The current issue has the best summary of the current status of legislation on the Endangered Species Act, as well as a piece that separates fact from fiction in all of the pro - anti esa propaganda we are force fed.

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