Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Candidate Sites: Forrest Hill and Todd Chretien seem to have made a decision to get professional help on setting up a web site. They even seem to have the same site developer, use the same authoring tools, have the same template, and even have the same endorsements. In a similar manner, they are both essentially one (important) issue candidates: Hill on electoral reform and Chretien on the Iraq war.

The question I have is whether one issue candidates can manage to get any media exposure except on that one issue. Lacking that, will they be able to advance that single issue as we would all want to happen.

Will the other state wide candidates take their campaigns to the internet and in what fashion? From what I have seen, Donna Warren still has her old site up and it needs updating to show that she is actively running. Tian Harter has a personal site for his campaign. The rest have not gotten to it yet, but they should.

One of the comments that I have heard from press professionals is that they use the internet to search out information for stories and that it is very difficult to find good, current information about the Green Party in California and what we stand for. There is no one place to get the "official word." Greens like to complain about the lack of media coverage, and then ignore doing the few thing that would make it easier for the media to include them. We are sometimes our own worst enemy. If you don't believe that, go to the GPCA web site and get the official party position on any issue, like affordable health care. How easy is it?

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Lisa said...

I observed that they downplay the Green Party as well. hmm...
I suppose that Dems and Reps don't feature their parties much either, on their websites.

Bryon, from my local, doesn't mention GP much either.