Sunday, January 15, 2006

Medea in the Spotlight Again

Medea Benjamin is always had the knack of finding the spotlight. She seems a genius at creating incidents that ensure the cameras will swing her way and, once they do, she is never at a loss for words. At one time, she would have been identified to the public as a member of the Green Party. This was at a height during her Senate Campaign. That seems no longer the case.

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi's Town Hall style meeting in San Francisco was disrupted by anti-war protests and again Medea was the one getting interviewed, but the identification on CBS affiliate KPIX was strictly as an anti-war activist and a member of Code Pink.

I am not critical of Medea on this. I just comment as it offers one possible contributing factor in the decline of Green Party registration in California. Even when Greens are in the media spotlight, which is hard enough to accomplish, they are not identified as Greens. Without that, the part fades from the public view. There is an oft repeated comment that, "If you don't like the news, go make some." Perhaps that is what our party leadership and leading candidates need to be doing more of.


Lisa said...

Yes, the Green Party needs more media stunts. Medea Benjamin is good at them, for CodePink.

Greenpeace wrote the book on activist media stunts. We had one of the founders, Rex Weyler, at our L.A. Greens mtg last year for Earth Day. He said to create stories so compelling, they must be covered.

Listen to his remarks (my recollection is the first half is Rex's good storytelling about the history of Greenpeace and their stunts, and the latter about our current day challenges, and what he recommends to sustain activism:


Lisa said...

This is Medea and CodePink's latest effort: