Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Green Focus Needs Improving

One of the problems of the Green Party in California has been the lack of an ability to get recent copies of Green Focus online. But the time that something got posted to the state web site, it was such old news that no one was interested anymore. I stepped in and volunteered to help and, finally got the Winter, 2005 issue published.

What I found was that the setup was so labor intensive that it took much too long. Given the current state of web publishing, this was a disaster. So, look to see further changes for the Spring, 2006 issue. Not only do we intend to have it online by the time it is published on paper and distributed but we want to allow public commentary on the pieces.

I would also like to get some feedback on what other changes users of the state web sites would like to see. I can't do the work, but I think that I can influence getting it done. Maybe just documenting what would be useful is a way to focus attention on it from the party's various committees. So, weigh in


Lisa said...

Great, Wes, thanks for doing that.
I've contributed by writing articles the past few years and it has been sporadic as to when they get posted or if.

We link to the Green Focus from our local and I'm sure the more timely the issues get up, the more we would highlight them, as would other locals and counties.

I'm for more people knowing about it andseeing it. We regularly order 4 bundles.

Maybe the state website could feature the new articles more prominently somehow when they are new, not just the Green Focus icon on the sidebar that well, what newcomer really knows what that is?


Wes said...

Thanks, Lisa. What does anyone think about the fact that the Press Releases featured on the front page of the GPCA site are often 1 or 2 weeks behind the the actual events? Is this delay harmful?