Thursday, January 05, 2006

Why did no Democrat take Tom DeLay to the House Ethics Committee over the Abramoff scandal?

If you want to an answer to that question, ask Nancy Pelosi. At the Talking Points Cafe Melanie Sloan lays it out. It was because Pelosi did not want any ethics questions brought up. There is a truce in the House on ethics matters, enforced the Pelosi and the Republican Leadership.

When I stated on Cal Forum that I would like to see a Green challenge Pelosi, I got a private email telling me to back off and not challenge anyone with such liberal credentials. That may be true, but it looks like she has DeLay's ethics and that is enough for me to want to see her go.

Green should go after anyone who is ethically challenged.


Unknown said...

Pelosi has liberal credentials?

Wes said...

That is what I was told. I just find it very disengenuous of Pelosi to raist the ethical issues with House Republicans when she had every opportunity to do it before and chose NOT to. When you look at all that is happening with the Abramoff mess, you know that she had to know something and did nothing.