Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ending Racism

The following content originated with Kevin Zeese and has been circulated on a number of Green Party email lists.

If you think we've come a long way on race issues, look at these two
links below and you will think again. Very brief reports, but very

Kiri Davis' film, reviewed in the above link is at

She says a lot in 7:15 minutes. More than many say in a lifetime.

If there is any political party that should be above this, you would think that it would be the Green Party. We pride ourselves as being above all of that. When reading some email's about the Democratic Party, I can almost see the sneer curling the lips of the writer. But still, there is a need to act. There was even a proposal to "end racism, sexism and classism in the GPCA". That anyone would feel the need to do this in the 21st Century is almost incomprehensible.

When I read Hunter Bear's recounting of Arizona life in the 1950's, it jogged my memory. Living through those events as a teen, I sensed that this was a time of change. I guess I was too optimistic.

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