Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What are the doing now?

It is rather an interesting exercise to see what some of our statewide race candidates are doing now.

We hear the Peter Camejo is undergoing treatment for cancer and wish him well. A press release went out from the Camejo Group and was repeated on Green Party CA lists.

Since the election I have heard next to nothing from Senate Candidate Todd Chretien. I have had email contact with Kent Mesplay. Tian Harter is in another category all together. He continues his involvement in local politics and his ever present photo montages. He has just put up another Contribution at AOL.

Forrest Hill is stil talking about elecdtoral reform as befits a candidate for Secretary of State. As an example of non-partisanship, I have referred the Revolt of the Elders Committee to Hill's perscription for electoral reform in California.

For those who are not familiar with them, the Revolt of the Elders is a group of mostly Republican leaders from government and the Congress in the 1970's who have decided to try and restore politics to the sense of public purpose and ethical behavior on which they based their own service. The leaders of the Elders are Pete McCloskey (Rep. from the last 1960's to the early 1980's) and Lew Butler, at one time the Undersecretary of Health Education and Welfare in the Nixon Administration.

The Revolt of the Elders Committee was a key factor in the defeat of Richard Pombo and plans to continue to target others in Congress who have failed their constituents while growing their bank accounts.

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