Monday, January 29, 2007


While most of the media attention given Bush's SOTU speech was focused on Iraq and the position of Nancy Pelosi, environmentalists had their own take, based mainly on the expectation that some had over the possibility of a new position on Auto Emissions and Global Warming. Seed Magazine's Chris Mooney dispels any notion as to whether that happened.

In California, the Governator has staked a position much closer to what environmentalists want. He has championed new emissions standards in his State of the State Speech. In reality, he has assigned the task of defining those standards over to the University of California (Davis and Berkeley) experts.

There is a GPCA Energy email list with 42 members ids, but 15 of those are bouncing. The rate of activity on the list is low. It exists mainly for sharing information, not for providing any organized GPCA action regarding global warming, energy policy or any other related subject. It would appear that there is not enough energy in the GPCA itself for organized activism on more than a couple of issues and energy is not on the list of issues this year (Iraq war, immigration, health care, IRV).

There are a lot of Greens who are taking specific personal action to cut down on their own carbon footprint, but I wonder if that is enough.

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