Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Redwoods Forever

This is a reminder for all of you who thanks Julia Hill for here participation in the South Central Farm fight. Even when you win, you might lose. It would have appeared that Julia had a victory of sorts out of her historic tree living experience. If you thought so, you did not consider the real character of Charles Hurwitz and just how far he will go to to make $$ from our natural legacy.

The Pacific Lumber Co. has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing the environmental restrictions on their logging as the reason that they can not pay the service on their debt. They are asking the courts to set aside those restrictions so that they can harvest more trees without restriction and stay in business.

The courts should allow Pacific Lumber to fold. Maybe, with Hurwitz stripped of ownership as the recent changes in Congress has stripped him of his legislative protections (De Lay and Pombo, unfortunately not Doolittle... yet) there is a chance for a rational solution to this confrontation of ideals. Hurwitz still holds on to a 19th Century vision of the relationship between man and nature. He is a taker, not a creator.

California Greens, in particular those of the Emerald Region, have an opportunity to take a stand for the environment, for the recognition that there are things we own in common (the air, fresh water) and against the rapacious greed of corporate raiders like Hurwitz and his Maxxam gragging and holding company.


Roger, Gone Green said...

Mayhaps Mr. H and his company owe their biggest debt to the class of Plaintiff's who have suffered his taking of the common for private use . . . and as the largest debtor should be handed the company assets at its liquidation . . .


Wes said...

I would hope that our Emerald Region Greens would become active on this again. We need solutions and not confrontation.