Monday, January 15, 2007


This is just a bundle of things that made me stop and think a bit, I hope that they do the same for you.

The first is Gregg Jocoy's commentary about what we Greens should do because the Democrats now in power will disappoint. It is from his York County (SC) Magazine Column republished on his blog. The Democrats won, so What Now?

Then, I note that April 14, 2007 is a Climate Change Day of Action, sponsored by From their map, I note California events in Benecia, Mill Valley, San Mateo/Burlingame/San Francisco (sponsor not sure which one yet). Do you have energy to do something? Stepitup2007 is lead by Bill McKibben.

I almost fell asleep with the Chris Matthews show on Sunday Night. But, two topics were so scarry that they kept me awake. One was the way that Hillary is positioning herself to the center of everyone while Obama, Edwards, Biden, et. al. pose to the left. She may soon fall in with the Lieberman crowd base on the way that she reacted to the Bush speech by sending out press releases... from Iraq, of course.

That does not bother me as much as hearing Dan Rather speculate on the way that Bush is now escalating the rhetoric against Iraq. He was suggesting that what is planned is a joint US / Israel preemptive strike. Now, that is really scarry. I can think of no single act that would radicalize more new jihadists in the Middle East.

I have a new suggestion on Iraq and its nuclear ambitions. The US should announce that it will not support any Middle Eastern Country that has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. No signature, no aid. Even handed, and that includes Israel.

One last comment on the weather. It has been cold in Santa Clara County and we probably lost most of our citrus fruit. But, for those who say this is or is not an effct of Global Warming, maybe we should wait for Chris Mooney to finish his blog reports from San Antonio, where the American Meterological Sociey is holding its annual meeting, where there is a special series of talks on "Climate Change Manifested by Changes in Weather".

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