Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jesse Johnson picks up another endorsement

There are a couple of strange things going on in West Virginia. If you listen to McCain and Palin, you would think that they should be endorsing the Democratic Governor of West Virginia, Joe Manchin III. If you listen to Obama and Biden, you would think that they should be endorsing the Mountain Party Candidate, Jesse Johnson.

Of course, neither is the case. Yet, one by one, Johnson picks up some very welcome endorsements; first from the Sierra Club and now from the West Virginia Citizen Action Group through its Citizen Action Fund. I hope that brought some financial support, but case Jesse needs every cent he can bring in.

Full text of an endorsement release can be read by clicking "Read more!"

Mountain Party gubernatorial candidate Jesse Johnson endorsed by West Virginia Citizen Action Fund

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Jesse Johnson campaign for Governor of West Virginia was endorsed by West Virginia Citizen Action Fund

The Citizen Action Fund, a new political action committee formed by West Virginia Citizen Action Group, is the state's oldest consumer protection and government watch-dog organization.

The endorsement, announced last week and reported in the Huntington Herald-Dispatch ("Citizen group announces endorsements," Oct. 19, http://www.herald-dispatch.com/news/x107810239/Citizen-group-announces-endorsements) recognizes Jesse Johnson's outspoken advocacy for West Virginians in public health, the environment, workers' and consumers' protections, transition to clean alternative energy, and other areas.

"The CAF endorsement clearly acknowledges Jesse as the gubernatorial candidate who will fight for the people of West Virginia instead of powerful corporate interests who've treated the state like a dumping ground," said Lesia Angel, Deputy Commissioner of the Mountain Party.

"Because of mountaintop removal and the power of the coal companies, West Virginia has become ground zero for global climate change in the US," said Jesse Johnson. "The Interior Department is now relaxing rules on mountaintop mining, which will bring untold devastation to the natural environment and a massive threat to public health, through contamination of water and other resources. I'm the only nominee addressing this crisis, because the Democrat and Republican are too closely allied with the coal companies that are plundering West Virginia."

Johnson supporters also noted his strong opposition to a plan by Governor Manchin to allow electric transmission lines, which would allow private, out-of-state companies to take private property from West Virginia citizens and gouge ratepayers.

On October 3, Jesse Johnson was endorsed by the Sierra Club (http://www.greenpartywatch.org/2008/10/06/sierra-club-endorses-jesse-johnson-for-wv-governor/). Mr. Johnson is a former chair of the West Virginia Mountain Party, and as chair, he affiliated the Mountain Party with the Green Party of the United States (http://www.gp.org).

Video clip of Jesse Johnson speaking at a recent West Virginia Youth Commission forum: http://vimeo.com/2013


blog@polidoc.com said...

This is the first time in its history that the Sierra Club has ever endorsed a third party candidate.

Wes said...

That may be true for a governor, but in 2004 they endorsed Green Party Candidate Tom Hutchings in California's 33rd Assembly District. Hutchings had a history of local activism in the area around San Luis Obispo, had served on commissions and was a staunch opponent of expanding the Diablo Canyon nuclear facility.

If 3rd party candidates have a proven record and are on the right side of a very key issue, the Sierra Club will endorse. Can't say the same for the League of Democratic Conservation Voters.