Saturday, October 25, 2008

WV Governor race critical

I have commented recently about Jesse Johnson's race for Governor in W.V. The stakes have just gotten bigger and Jesse is asking for additional help. Click ReadMore to get the detail... but watch this video first.

Last night, Bill Moyers asked his viewers to get involved in this issue. The following is from Bill Moyers Journal.
There's nothing make-believe about this. Remember these scenes of mountain top mining in West Virginia? Companies blow those mountains sky-high to expose the coal, then haul away tons of rock and debris and dump the waste into valley areas. To protect the quality of the water, they're not supposed to pile the stuff within 100 feet of rivers and creeks.

But while we've all been obsessing over Sarah Palin's posh makeover and Joe Biden's latest gaffe, the coal companies have been lobbying the Bush administration to gut the rules even further, to allow them greater freedom to dump massive waste piles anywhere they want - including directly into the water.

Now, the Interior Department is one of those government agencies that's practically been turned over to the industries it's supposed to regulate. So as a parting gift, the President's appointees at Interior have now officially proposed granting the coal companies their wish - to dump at will.

There's a 30-day period for public comment and review before the proposal takes effect, so you can find out how to register your opinion - pro or con - at our site on
So, if Moyers is asking for some action, then maybe the best action that we can take is to help Jesse get elected in any way that we can.

  • You can donate to Jesse on his web site.
  • You can help out with phone banking, even from here. (I need to get you the contact).
  • You can do what I am doing, plant the seed of an upset on every blog where you can post. I even posted a call for his support on DailyKos without getting accused of being a troll.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this article on MTR and making a plea for Jesse. He needs it for his campaign and its a fight that benefits all of us.

Thanks also for the lead to the federal comment page, though, I don't quite know what I'm signing....

Wes said...

You are welcome, Rita. I just had a note from someone telling me that they sent Jesse $250. Hope it helps.

I have also asked a couple of Green Party experts on coal, one signs all of his emails with "Clean coal is a dirty lie," to review the documents and give a professional opinion. I hope that they have the time.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Johnson cannot possibly win a major race such as Governor, even if it is in a little poor state like West Virginia. He just LOST AGAIN this week by an remarkably embarassingly large margin... mostly, voters in the state gave him some votes as a protest against manchin and Weeks... not because they every thought Jesse could actually win. Jesse needs to go get a real job now, stop these enormous waste of time and energy in running failed campaigns - he should go get a real job and show voters he can 1) actually hold a job for onger than 12 months and 2) actually produce some results that voters can actually judge. He sets up "companies" that never exist, he pads his resume with creative work out of state that no one can verify or confirm - basically Jesse can't decide what he wants to be when he grows up, so he feeds his ego with these ridiculous campaigns. Jesse - GO GET A JOB!

Wes said...

Gee, anonymous, you will really like West Virginia when it looks like Kansas... not that there is anything wrong with Kansas other than the fact that the yellow brick road isn't there.