Saturday, October 04, 2008

You knew it was coming.

I am sure that John McCain will issue the normal disclaimers if questioned about the current column by Diana West at It was inevitable that the Republican media spinsters, not having anything substantive to say supporting McCain would turn to playing on the racial fears that still exist. According to West:
The fact is, if American citizens become too widely acquainted with the fact that race-based social engineering virtually created the sub-prime mortgage industry that has transformed the U.S. economy into The Titanic, Obama will sink in the polls. That's because race-based social engineering is what Obama both advanced as a so-called community organizer, and later funded as an official of Chicago's Woods Fund, where he served alongside unrepentant terrorist and political ally William Ayers -- another phantom political fact citizens now pondering their presidential votes are not supposed to consider.
I note that she did not include Cynthia McKinney in the attack, or she would have had even more ammunition. The entire thing reads as if someone put lipstick on Rush Limbaugh.

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