Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More on homegrown candidates

Besides writing about Jesse Johnson, I want to introduce everyone to Peter Meyers. He is another homegrown candidate with a resume that we can appreciate, the ability to make a good impression, and the youth to be around for a long time. Peter is running for Congress in California's 15th CD. His opponent, Mike Honda, is a Democratic Party hack who was not very impressive when he was my County Supervisor. It is too bad that he is not in my Congressional District so that I can vote for Peter.

The League of Women Voters scheduled a Debate between the candidates in Cupertino Monday night. Honda, as is typical for incumbents and in keeping with his arrogant manner, did not bother to show. Peter did and definitely impressed more than the Republican Candidate, Joyce Cordi.

For those who don't know Peter, here he is introducing himself at the debate (along with Cordi). The full list of Peter's segments is available at YouTube.

Again, if you want to help out Peter, you can volunteer or donate from this page.

There are a number of positive contributions to this party being made by people all over the country. Jesse is making impressive strides. Daniel Brezenoff impressed me in the special election to fill a vacancy in the 38th CD. Now, Peter looks like he has the ability to move forward.

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