Thursday, October 09, 2008

There are no debates when new ideas are locked out.

Green all over have been taking the national media to task for not allowing the full set of presidential candidates with a numerical possibility of winning, into the debate system. That is what you would expect when the debates are controlled by a commission that is staffed only with members of the Democratic and Republican parties. There are a lot of suggestions about the ways to solve this one. Here are a few.

  • Change the makeup of the commission that sets the debates so that no on can be on the commission if they are registered as a party member or have ever given money to the state or national levels of any party.
  • I heard someone say to start a movement to withhold all contributions to PBS unless they agree to open the debates to all candidates who are on the ballot in enough states to possibly win the election. That makes sense. Not sure about the rest.
However, we also have problems at the local and state level, as Colorado Senatorial Candidate, Bob Kinsey will tell you. In this case, it is the Chambers of Commerce and a tax supported TV channel that restrict what you can see.
But Channel 8, the tax supported Denver cable channel, also broadcasts the Chamber framework. To be fair, they gave all four candidates a 3 minute free speech. But then, they broadcast the 2 Party Chamber of Commerce Debate for free. For one hour “The" Senate Candidates include only Schaffer and Udall. It’s a non-verbal statement to Denver voters. “Kinsey and Campbell are just footnotes.”. Denver TV propagates a self fulfilling, prophesy. And the people pay to keep this con alive.
A similar situation is taking place, only this time it is the League of Women Voters that is restricting Congressional debates. The resolution was to scrap the debate and everyone loses.

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