Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last Minute Tasks

We are getting close to the wire for elections in CA. There are two races that I need to comment on. Near the top of the right side column is a list of Green Party Candidates who have a realistic chance of winning. One of them is Mark Sanchez, running for San Francisco County Supervisor.

The Democratic base has taken advantage of the energy around Obama's race, and used it to raise staggering amounts of money for its Democratic candidates in citywide races. If you have considered giving money to the campaign, now is the time.

More information and a list of other last minute to do's when you click Read more!

In Mark's case, donations are being matched 1 for 1 with public financing. So, is you can afford to send him even $10, then he picks up $20. Do whatever we can. In the remaining days, there is a need to get a lot of late advertising, flier, mailers, TV and/or Radio. Just do it. I did.

The other is to get volunteers for the effort to support Linda Piera-Avila in her race for the Santa Monica City Council. We know that we can't compete with money, after all one of the incumbents is in the Kennedy Clan, Bobby Shriver. But, as Bill Moyers said. The only way to defeat organized money is with organized people. That is what they need now more than ever. If you have not listened to Linda in one of her debates, do it now.

Linda's campaign manager, Lisa Taylor, says that they still could use some help.
Linda PIERA-AVILA has been a busy bee -- participating in 9 Candidate Forums, 3 City TV tapings, passing out flyers at the Farmers Market with her volunteers,
Chamber of Commerce mixer, meet-n-greets, block parties, neighborhood association meetings, interviewed twice by the Daily Press, etc.

And the campaign is still going strong in this home stretch--WE NEED YOUR HELP to WALK/FLYER IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!
Check Linda's campaign web site for events or to donate.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Wes, for mentioning Linda's Santa Monica City Council race.
From today's Santa Monica Daily Press:

"Linda Piera-Avila is another candidate to watch. This Pico Neighborhood resident did her
homework. She seemed to understands the issues and what City Hall is doing to address
them. We suggest she replace Winterer on the Recreation and Parks Commission and work
her way up the ladder."

To walk the neighborhood people can contact me, lisa at losangelesgreens.org or 310-395-4044